What are the central doctrines/beliefs of the church? We believe the teachings of our church are based on the Bible, as the inspired word of God. We believe in the triune nature of God; Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe that God is the Creator of heaven and earth, that his son was born of a virgin, performed many miracles and then was crucified and rose again. We believe that Christ’s sacrifice was once and for all; that all who repent and accept Christ as Lord obtain eternal life with God. We believe that God sent his Holy Spirit to the early Church, so that all believers will enjoy the empowering presence of God’s Spirit until Christ’s return.

What are the church’s core ministries? “Love God, Love Others” sums up the focus of GVCF. The heart of the church is to spread the Gospel both locally and overseas, whilst encouraging personal faith in Jesus through discipleship and ministry. Commitment to Christ leads to loving concern for others and service for God. Our emphasis is the concept of ‘body ministry’, that is, all believers have a calling and purpose in God’s kingdom; ministry is not to be limited to an ordained few.

What is the leadership structure of the church? The GVCF has ordained Elders and Deacons modelled on the leadership structure found in the early Church. Briefly, Elders are responsible for the oversight of the church and ministry, whilst Deacons are concerned mainly with the day-to-day practical operations of the GVCF.

Does the church have membership? GVCF does not have an official membership. There are opportunities, however, for the congregation to express their commitment to the church.

How is the church funded? Free-will giving is available for those who consider GVCF their home. Tithes and mission contributions are used for local and overseas ministry, while offerings cover the practical expenses of church life. Boxes are available for voluntary contributions and electronic fund transfer facilities are also available.

Do you have child-minding facilities? Toddlers to primary-aged children are provided with a crèche program that runs during the message on Sunday morning services. Those involved in this program have current Working with Children Checks. Parents can care for babies in a designated room adjacent to the worship centre; speakers are set-up so parents can continue to hear the service. Older children have access to activity packs in the worship centre; families are encouraged to stay in the service together as much as is practical.

To which denomination do you belong? GVCF is an autonomous, non-denominational church; we are, however, affiliated with Ministers Fellowship International. (MFI- www.mfi-online.org).

What is a Pentecostal church? A Pentecostal church is characterised by an emphasis on the gifts of the Holy Spirit and a belief that the spiritual gifts witnessed in the New Testament are still in operation today. We believe that the baptism of the Holy Spirit is evidenced by speaking in tongues.

What is the church’s stance on same-sex marriage? We believe that God created man and woman uniquely and distinctly; and that marriage has been ordained by God solely for the joining of a man and woman.

What is the age demographic of the church? The GVCF has a wide range of people attend; from young to the not-so-young. We have a various programs within the church; Kidz Club, Evermore Youth, Young Adults, GVCF Women and Men’s Group as well as activities for seniors. Our monthly Connect Groups are set aside for people to fellowship in smaller groups and support others.

How often do you have Communion? Communion is celebrated in our Sunday morning service and also held at our evening service for those who miss the morning service.

Who can take Communion? All are welcome to participate in Communion, however there is no obligation to do so.

Do I need to be baptised to come to your church? Our services are open to all.

Where are you located? 9 Pine Road, Shepparton.

How long is the Sunday service? All are welcome from 10 am to attend our pre-service prayer meeting. The service commences at 10:30 am and usually concludes in around one and a half hours. At the conclusion of the service, the front of the worship centre is opened up for personal prayer and ministry. Tea and coffee is served in the foyer and all are welcome to stay and chat.

Do I have to sing? Worship through music forms a part of our service and participation is encouraged but is up to the individual.

Is regular attendance expected? The GVCF encourages regular fellowship and commitment to church life as part of a thriving Christian walk.

Do you have good coffee? We freshly brew coffee for after the service and a range of hot beverages are served.